Mejor Sola

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From the series "Connections" , "Mejor sola" represents the rebels, the women that dare to stay alone by choice. We have a saying in my country that says "Mejor sola, que mal acompañada" which means "better alone than in bad company". This painting is for all the brave ones, the ones that dare to say no, time and time again because they are worth the wait, because they rather wait for someone as worth it than settle for what comes first. This is my message to all the little girls out there who are still told that they should find a man and settle. This is my message to all the people who keep asking women who haven't gotten married when will they get merry, you're getting too old... And for this we anwer: I rather be alone!

Perfect painting to have at home and remind you not to settle, there will be someone, maybe, but never settle. You are worth the wait.

Technique: Acrylics over canvas
Size: 30.5cm x 40.5cm
Shipping to Guatemala - Ready to hang
Shipping worldwide- comes disabled, canvas rolled. all in tube.