Tertúlia I & II

170 USD

Tertúlia is a word in spanish we use an informal discussion or meeting. It's when a group of people meet to talk about nothing specifically and about everything, about life, about different subjects that interest the group. Tertúlias are characteristic of our culture, a little of gossip here and there, a way to connect with one another and bond with the people that matter. These two pieces represent the way I see this activity, a group of strings that cross paths and bond to create stronger relationships. We all need a little bit of tertúlia in our lives, and I bet your space will look awesome with one or both of them in it.

Pieces sold separately, price by unit.

Technique: Ink and acrylics over hand made paper from India.
Size: 38 x 57cm

If you buy in Guatemala, pieces come framed.
If bought from outside Guatemala, shipped in tube, not framed.